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How Do plants Reproduce?
Submitted by Dylan from McKinsey Elementary

Did You Know ...

  • Plants were one of the first forms of life on Earth and are vital to all life on our planet.
  • Plants provide life supporting oxygen and food for the animals of the planet.
  • Plants use sunlight to make their food and, in turn, provide a food source for birds, insects, animals, and humans.
  • Firewood, coal, petroleum, medicines, textiles, and timber all originally come from plants.
  • There are about 250,000 different species of flowering plants worldwide.

Cool Activities

Leftover Gardening
Plant parts that are normally thrown away can make beautiful houseplants. Carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips, and avocados are plants that have beautiful greenery.

Adopt a plant
Find a plant to adopt either in your own home or outside. Keep a journal on its progress for as long as you would like!