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Fantastic Fun Zone

Science Challenge

Where does the white go
when the snow melts?

submitted by Gail from Willoughby


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Facts about Light

  • Light is a form of energy. It travels very fast.
  •  When light is reflected it is unable to go through an object and bounces back.
  • When light is absorbed it goes through an object and is stopped.
  • An object’s color comes from the light it reflects. For example, a red apple reflects the light that we see as red. It absorbs all the other colors.
  • When all the colors are reflected, they mix together to make white.
  • The colors of a rainbow that combine to make white light are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. An easy way to remember these colors is to think of the initials of ROY G. BIV.
  • An object that does not reflect any light at all is black. It absorbs all the colors of light.

Facts about Matter

  • Matter is anything that takes up space (has volume) and has mass.
  • In nature, matter is found in three forms, solids, liquids, and gases.
Form of Matter Shape Structure of Molecules
Solid has definite shape packed tightly together-cannot move easily
Liquid has no definite shape – takes shape of container not as tightly packed – can move more freely over and under each other
Gas has no definite shape – takes shape of container very far apart- can move very fast, bouncing off one another

Cool Activities

Water, Water, What’s the Matter?
Most liquids shrink when they freeze, because the molecules come closer together. However, when water freezes it expands (gets bigger.) The little ice crystals that are being formed take up more space than water in liquid form. To observe this, try the following experiment at home.

Make a Rainbow

A prism is a piece of glass with a special shape. It spreads out the colors in white light to make a rainbow of colors. Follow the directions below to make your very own prism at home.

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