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Science Challenge

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Did You Know…

  • Controlling the amount of carbon remaining produces different types of steel.
  • The recycling of metals is very important to minimize damage to the environment and save the Earth’s resources. Recycling scrap also saves space in landfills.
  • A steel nail sinks, but a steel boat floats.
  • Oxygen causes metal to rust.
  • Currently there are 86 known metals.
  • Iron is the most needed industrial metal.

Cool Activities

Magnetic Metal

 Some metals are magnetic and others are not. Try this experiment with different materials you find around the house!

Can Metal Generate Heat?

Chemical reactions occur every day all around us. A chemical reaction is a process where one type of substance is chemically converted to another substance. That fizzling toilet bowl cleaner is a chemical reaction. The fire in your fireplace is another type of chemical reaction. This experiment demonstrates a chemical reaction that's fairly common all around us. An adult should help out with this experiment!