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Did You Know…

  • February is National Potato Month
  • Although a potato is solid, it has water in it. In fact, a potato is 80% water!
  • Both the flesh and skin of potatoes come in many colors, from yellow to tan to blue and purple!
  • Americans eat about 126 pounds of potatoes per person per year. That’s more than any other vegetable!
  • Potatoes are grown in more than 80 countries.
  • Potatoes store best in a dark, dry place 45-50`F. Light and warmth increase sprouting
  • Potatoes should not be refrigerated.


Nutrition Benefits
Potatoes are a good source of:

Carbohydrates Iodine
Fiber Iron
Vitamin C Thiamin
Vitamin B6 Copper

They also have many trace elements, including:


Cool Activities

Hanging Potato Plant 

Can you make a house plant out of a potato? Try this activity and see!

Spear the Spud

Can you stab a straw through a potato without bending or breaking the straw? Try this activity, and amaze your friends!