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What’s it all about: Mechanical engineers design, construct, and test motors and machines that produce and use power. Some mechanical engineers design heat, water, or gas systems; as well as, designing and testing robotic products. They discuss with customers their product or system needs. Engineers draw their designs using computer-assisted design (CAD) computer software. After the design step a prototype may be developed and the mechanical engineer tests the product or system. They adjust the design and construction so the product works according to the customer’s specifications. They may also oversee the construction and assembly of the products and systems, as well as, develop a maintenance schedule. Mechanical engineers work mostly indoors and must be highly accurate and thorough in performing their job. Errors could seriously endanger the safety of those who use their products. They also have to have good communication skills so they can talk with clients and coworkers about projects.

Study for success: To work as a mechanical engineer you must: graduate from an approved four-year college of engineering and pass an exam. To register as a professional engineer, you must meet the above requirements plus have four or more years of practical experience in engineering. Helpful high school courses are: college prep courses, mathematics (algebra, calculus, trigonometry, geometry), physical sciences, computer science, drafting, industrial technology, and communications.

Discover more: For more information write to:
Junior Engineering Technical Society (Click on “Publications” then select desired topic)
Discovering Engineering (Click on “About Engineers”)
Get Tech Careers (Click on “Get Tech Careers.” Select “Engineering and Industrial
Technology.” Click on “Mechanical Engineer.”
Society of Women Engineers (Select “Career Guidance” then “For Students.” Click on “Is Engineering for You?”)

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For more information contact:

Paulette Howell

Career Development

Auburn Career Center

(440) 357-7542, ext. 239

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