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What’s it all about: Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical systems. The work that they do provides lights, refrigeration and electricity in our homes, schools and businesses. Electricians work either in construction or maintenance. Construction electricians assemble and install electrical systems. They begin their job by reading blueprints to learn where to put circuits, outlets and other equipment. In factories and offices, they install conduit (pipe or tubing) in walls and concealed areas, as well as, install metal or plastic boxes for switches and outlets. Maintenance electricians maintain and repair systems. Electricians may install fiber optic or coaxial cables. These are used for computers and telephones. They connect motors to electrical power sources and install electronic controls for industrial equipment. All electricians use hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, knives, and hacksaws. They could use soldering guns, power tools and testing equipment, such as voltmeters. Electricians must follow national electric code as well as state and local building codes when installing systems.
In Ohio, electricians must be licensed. Contact your local building department for specific information. Nationally, the number of jobs for electricians is expected to grow as fast as average through the year 2010.

Study for success: mathematics, electricity/electronics career and technical classes, mechanical drawing (CAD—Computer Aided Drafting), physical science, first aid, apprenticeship programs (four to five years)

Discover more: Make a list of safety rules to follow when using electrical appliances. Local utility companies often have tours available. Contact the following websites for more information: “Occupational Outlook Handbook”; “Build Your Future: Careers in Construction, Education, and Research” (click on “Careers in Construction”); “National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee” (click on “Apprenticeship Training”); “The Associated General Contractors of America” (Select “Education & Training” then “Occupational Briefs.”)

Related jobs: Heating and air conditioning mechanic, cable installer, and electronic repairer.

For more information contact:

Paulette Howell

Career Development

Auburn Career Center

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