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Winter 2006  Volume 2 
Porter Center  Receives Grant Award!
Elementary Mathematics Lab for Teachers

Porter Center is proud to announce the recent award of a Martha Holden Jennings Grant in the amount of $19,200 to fund an Elementary Mathematics Lab program!  This program is a collaborative initiative between the Porter Center, Lake County Educational Service Center, Lakeland Community College, and John Carroll University. 

This Elementary Mathematics Lab program’s PURPOSE is to support member school
districts in meeting their mathematics requirements.  The program will incorporate content knowledge, teaching skills, a safe environment for teachers to practice new concepts, and will provide each teacher with user-friendly tools and resources for full-scale implementation when back in the classroom.  Rich Basich, Professor at Lakeland Community College and Linda Gojak, Director at John Carroll University will join the staff from Porter Center in designing and presenting the professional development sessions.  Two Lake and two Geauga County educational representatives will be joining our planning team.  All lessons will be directly aligned to state standards.  College credit will be made available.

All teachers from 16 participating school districts in both Lake and Geauga counties will be invited to participate.  We anticipate filling slots for 30 teachers per each of the five sessions.  If openings arise, we will offer the program out to neighboring counties. 

Mark Your Calendars for Our Family Nights
Lake County ESC Early Childhood Runs Little Scientist Lab

It’s that time of year – time for this year’s Family Nights (sponsored by the Lubrizol Corp., Painesville)! Last year we added a Little Scientist Lab for those pre-K children.  This Little Scientist Lab allows for the elementary-aged family members and their parents to participate in the Family Night activities while the smaller ones participate in their own cool science activities at the lab.  We’re excited to announce that this year the Lake County ESC’s Early Childhood professional staff lead by Janis Gallagher, Director of the Early Childhood Program will manage our Little Scientist Labs!  

Because of the growing popularity of these Family Night events, we have added a couple more days to this year’s agenda.  Mark your calendars for these Family Nights:

Weather -- at Porter on Feb. 22, 6:00-7:00 p.m.
 Environment --  at Porter on Feb. 28, 6:00-7:00 p.m.                       
 Static Electricity & Magnetism – at Porter on Mar. 2, 6:00-7:00 p.m.  
                  Turtle Science Mystery – at Timmons Elem., Kenston on Mar. 16, 6:00-7:00 p.m.  
                  Arbor Day – at Holden Arboretum, Kirtland on Apr. 30, 1:00-4:00 p.m.

For more information, check out the FLYER on our web site.  Information will be going out ASAP to our schools for posting and distribution to students & families through school newsletters and other such announcements.   The cost is $3 for each child and accompanying adults are free. There is a limit to the number of families per session.  So please be sure to register early by contacting Cookie Cardina at the Center at 440.352.8850 or lc_cardina@lgca.org . Feel free to leave a message complete with your child’s name, school, grade, and your name and phone number.

Lake Hospital Systems Steps Up as 1st Corporate Sponsor  
Physical & Chemical Changes Module Gets an Update!!

  Hats off to Lake Hospital Systems for stepping up as the Porter Center’s first Corporate Sponsor! Lake Hospital has generously provided seed funds for updating our Physical & Chemical Changes module and will provide annual support to the ongoing presentation of the module…special thanks to Gary Robinson, VP of Marketing & Business Development. Lake Hospital’s Registered Dietitian, Sharon Minjares, along with the Porter teaching staff came together to design the upgrades to the module. Thanks to this team and the creative skills of our own Claire Zurbach and Robbie Ajdinovich, we now boast some beautiful table models that show the physical & chemical changes that occur in the body. 

What a wonderful introduction to physical and chemical changes! In this lesson, students are given the opportunity to be chemists and nutritionists. As chemists, students observe and record the physical properties of a variety of substances on a data table. They combine different substances and conduct scientific tests to determine whether a physical or chemical change occurs. As nutritionists, students identify the changes that occur as milk travels through a simulated digestive system. One student was overheard saying that he felt “just like a doctor.” Teachers’ responses to the module have been very positive! Thank you, Lake Hospital Systems! 

Let Me Take 5 Minutes of Your Time…Literally!!  
See Our New Porter Center Video

Do you have 5 minutes and 22 seconds? If so, click here  http://www.lcesc.k12.oh.us/portercenter/   and take a look at the Porter Center’s new streaming video.  This video is designed to help us communicate and market the Porter Center as we go out into our communities.  Next time someone wants to know what the Porter Center does, you simply can point them to this video clip!  Special thanks to Auburn Career Center for hooking us up through their streaming video system!

Waves: Light & Sound  
New 5th Grade Pre-visit

We are just kicking off our new 5th grade pre-visit Waves: Light & Sound.  This lesson was developed by one of our veteran teachers Kelly Krause and with creative supportive from Claire Zurbach.  This lesson will provide the students with opportunities to discover how light and sound travel.  Through problem solving and hands-on activities, students will explore light and sound waves, reflection of light, vibrations and pitch.  Students will get to use cool wave tools such as reflectometers, tuning forks, and xylophone tubes!  As always, the module directly aligns to 5th grade state standards.  Don’t miss out on this new offering!

This Waves module is sponsored by a $500 grant from First Energy Corp. and a $500 grant from Lubrizol, Wickliffe.  Thank you First Energy and Lubrizol!  Special congratulations to Porter teacher Kelly Krause for her successful submission of the First Energy grant!

Portraits from Porter  
Meet Miss Dawn Hill from Garfield Elementary, Mentor

We thought it might be interesting to interview some of the people that we meet here at the Porter Center – whether it’s a student, parent, administrator, business person, or, in this case, a teacher.  Meet our first “Portrait from Porter” interviewee:  Dawn Hill.

Miss Dawn Hill has an inquiring mind.  She teaches third grade at Garfield Elementary in Mentor.  She has always loved science and math, and remembers her science fair project from when she was a child.  She made a maze for her gerbil with food at the end and collected data to see how long it took the gerbil to get the food.  A scientist at heart! Her math memories are of memorizing and drilling rote facts.  She prefers the way math is taught today because it’s more hands-on and the students build pictures to understand the purpose behind the activity. 

Miss Hill has been coming to Porter with her third grade classes for more years than she can count.  She especially remembers a past electricity lesson in which there was a model of an entire city all lit up, the children had to find the safety hazards, and then form living circuits by joining hands.  She feels that Porter Center reaches students by being family-friendly.  When parents come to Porter as volunteers to help their children’s classes, they learn to love the Center, and bring their families back for Family Nights during which the whole family enjoys science and math investigations together.

Porter Center is thankful for dedicated partners like Miss Hill who help our students to appreciate, discover and apply scientific and mathematic concepts.
                           ........ As interviewed by our Porter Center Roving Reporter, Cher daScoop (a.k.a. Pat Betteley)  

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