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Spring 2007  Volume 3 
A New Facility in the Making
Thank you Lake Metroparks!

The Lake County Educational Service Center and the Porter Program for Science & Mathematics are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Lake Metroparks! As part of this partnership, a brand new facility is being designed to house the Porter Program and other LCESC science initiatives. The new facility which is to be called The Lake Metroparks’ Environmental Learning Center will be just minutes away at the old Camp Klein location off Alexander Road. Porter will expand to additional classrooms including a bio-tech laboratory. All classrooms will be equipped with state-of-the-art educational technology. Most importantly, the Porter Programs will be able to enjoy the park location by expanding to include outdoor education! The goal is to eventually add an outdoor component to every module. To start, the erosion module and the classification modules will incorporate an outdoor component as we kick off the opening of the new facility. The facility will also be used to provide cutting edge curriculum and instruction presentations on a regional level highlighting experts in the mathematics and science fields.

In addition, the Porter Program will receive in-kind facility support from Lake Metroparks similar to what has been generously provided by Auburn Career Center over its 16 years. However, the Porter Program is still responsible for its own operating expenses. The operating budget for Porter is currently at $400,000 annually. With additional learning space, the Porter Program will have capacity to expand. Additional programming and professional development offerings are certainly being considered. You may anticipate changes in programming as we evolve to fit our wonderful new location. Look for invites to upcoming open houses at the start of the new school year. 

Mark Your Calendars for Our Family Nights
March 20th, 21st, and 22nd

It’s that time of year – time for this year’s Family Nights (sponsored by Avery Dennison and Lincoln Electric)! Registration is from 5:45 – 6:00 and the sessions run 6:00-7:00 p.m. The cost is $3 for each child and accompanying adults are free.  This year’s Family Nights are as follows:

Tuesday, March 20th, “Fly-By” Night
Families will investigate basic principles of aerodynamics
as they create and test many types of fantastic flyers.

Wednesday, March 21st, Turtle Science
Be a detective and Investigate a crime scene!  Collect evidence from the crime scene to convict the suspect.  You will match fibers, identify the marker that wrote the note, and identify the mystery powder.

Thursday, March 22nd, The Big Dig
Come explore the wild world of paleontology as we dig for dinosaur bones and other fossils. Students get their hands dirty creating their own fossil and investigating the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth./p>

Click here for an informational flyer 2006-07ScienceNight_flyer.pdf.  Schools may use this flyer for posting and distribution to students & families through their school newsletters and other such announcements.   Please be sure to register early by contacting Cookie Cardina at the Center at 440.352.8850 or lc_cardina@lgca.org . Feel free to leave a message complete with your children’s names, school, grade/age, and your name and phone number.

Lake The Lubrizol Foundation – A New Corporate Sponsor

A special thank you goes out to The Lubrizol Foundation for stepping up as one of the Porter Program’s new Corporate Sponsors! Their gracious annual donation will assist us in supporting our educational programming and general operations. Prior, Lubrizol has long-supported smaller program components and has participated in Porter’s strategic planning process. Lubrizol’s continued support is greatly appreciated!

Looking for Your Support
Tell your congressman…

It’s the end of the biennium, which means that the Porter Program is once again at the end of its budget season.  Approximately half of our operating budget comes from the state.  While our line item has moved occasionally, for a number of years now we have been a part of the Ohio Board of Regent’s budget.  Every two years we struggle to remain in that budget.  That’s where we’re at now.  It’s time to make our case to be put into the budget for the upcoming biennium.  Support from our constituents would really help to make our case.  We’re asking you – teachers, administrators, parents, business representatives – to write a letter to your local congressman in support of keeping the Porter funds in the Ohio Board of Regent’s budget.  Your support would be greatly appreciated!  Here are the addresses:

Click here for a sample letter:  http://www.lcesc.k12.oh.us/PorterCenter/Docs/Write_Your_Congressman.pdf

Governor Ted Strickland

Governor's Office
Riffe Center, 30th Floor

77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6108

Senator Timothy Grendell

Senate Building
Room #042, Ground Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215



House of Representatives, Geauga

Matt Dolan

77 S. High St
12th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Email Address: district98@ohr.state.oh.us

House of Representatives, Lake West

Lorraine Fende

77 S. High St
11th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Email Address: district62@ohr.state.oh.us


House of Representatives, Lake East

Carol-Ann Schindel

77 S. High St
11th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Email Address: district63@ohr.state.oh.us


Elementary Mathematics Lab Professional Development Series
Back by Popular Demand!

Come springtime, the Porter Program will open for the 2nd round of its well-received Elementary Mathematics Lab Professional Development Series.  Program dates are May 8, 9 and 10.  Mark your calendar now!  Each session is 2 hours in length.  Besides excellent lesson plans and professional guidance, participants will receive a bag full of wonderful instructional materials, supplies & literature for EACH session that they participate in!!  Well worth the $20/session fee!  College credit is available at a charge for those who attend all five sessions.  Teachers will see demonstrations of creative and interactive lesson plans, have an opportunity to practice the lesson plans, and walk away with 2-4 lesson plans per session and all the tools required to teach the lessons back in their classrooms.  To access the registration form, click here: www.lcesc.k12.oh.us/PorterCenter/Resources/Elementary_Mathematics_Lab2nd_Session.pdf

The program will touch on five important mathematics topics:

Tuesday, May 8th:
Increasing Computational Fluency – How to Help Kids Learn their Facts
     Instructor: Carla Kehres
Reading & Writing in Math Class
     Instructor: Rich Basich (Lakeland Community College)

Wednesday, May 9th
Linear Measurement – Combining Measuring with Rulers and Using
Fractions & Decimals
     Instructor: Karen LeScoezec
Place Value & Number Sense
     Instructor: Trish Koontz (Kent State University)

Thursday, May 10th
Processing the Process Standards – Integrating Benchmarks with Grade Level Indicators
     Instructor:  Linda Gojak (John Carroll University)

Here are some quotes from participants from the first round of sessions:

“I really enjoyed the number sense one with Dr. Koontz from KSU! She had some great insights and activities that I can't wait to use in my classroom! The concept of place value is huge in third grade!” (teacher from Wickliffe Elem.)

“The Elementary Math Lab was fantastic!” (teacher from Timmons Elem., Kenston) 

“I attended the conference and have used several of the lessons in my classroom. I wish I would have videotaped the lessons because the students were excited and engaged. I have shared the information with some of my colleagues. My colleagues are very interested in attending future conferences. This workshop was the best hands-on conference that I have ever attended in my nine years of education. Thank you for the useful, educational, and motivational ideas!” (teacher from Perry MS)

Thanks to a generous grant from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, the Porter Program was able to embark on this unique Elementary Mathematics Lab opportunity.  The initiative is a collaborative between the Porter Program, Lake County Educational Service Center, Lakeland Community College, John Carroll University, Kent State University, and educational representatives from both Lake & Geauga County schools.

Gifted Bio-tech Pre-visit Under Construction

Thanks to a grant from Partners in Science Excellence, our Porter Program will be developing a new 5th grade pre-visit for gifted students.  The goal is to pilot the pre-visit this year.  Our pilot pre-visit, The Dreaded Red Disease, has a biotechnology focus.  By piloting and developing a pre-visit now, we will be ready and able to implement a regular pre-visit option followed by a corresponding “visit” with the opening of our new facility.  We envision that the “visit” portion could include a CSI-like biotech forensic investigation, and that we will consider including a culminating regional symposium. 

With the onset of Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) all students must show improvement every year throughout all our districts.  This pre-visit and visit will help to address AYP for gifted students. We are partnering with the Lake County Gifted Coordinators’ Team which is led by the Lake County Educational Service Center’s (LCESC) Gifted Director, Pat Kloosterman.  The Gifted Coordinators will provide us technical expertise and assist us in implementing the project in all our Lake and Geauga County schools.  Our Gifted Pilot Pre-visit team includes Ms. Kloosterman, Kristi Reilly the Gifted Coordinator from Kirtland, Rich Benz the Science Curriculum Specialist at LCESC, Kelly Krause a senior teacher at Porter, and Yvonne Delgado Director of the Porter Program. 

The Dreaded Red Disease pre-visit is an investigation designed to allow students to organize and evaluate observations and data to formulate inferences and conclusions.  The investigation will simulate the spread of pathogens showing how infectious diseases can spread through a population.  Students will each map their pathway to contamination to identify the initial carrier.  From there, extended response questions and team discussions will help students gain a better understanding of biotechnological disease transference and an improved understanding of global disease transference.

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