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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Porter Science Center open to the public?
  Programs at the center are designed for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in public schools within Lake and Geauga counties.  Depending on openings in the schedule, private schools and organizations occasionally visit the center with a small fee.
How long are previsits and visits?
  All 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade previsits are one hour long. Visits to the Porter Center range from one hour ten minutes up to 3 hours, depending on the module.
Can we eat lunch at the visit sites?
  Depending on the time of the visit, there are bag-lunch facilities at the Porter Science Center.  Please call ahead to make arrangements.  Lake FarmPark does have a room for students to eat bag-lunches.
How is the Porter Science Center funded?
  Local districts pay for their own transportation to/from the center. Operating costs such as teacher salaries, materials and equipment are paid with grant money, donations and program fees.
Who makes transportation arrangements to the Porter Science Center, Holden Arboretum and Lake FarmPark visits?
  The Porter Science Center sends a copy of the original schedule at the start of each lesson.  Bus arrangements are made by the transportation departments using this schedule.  If a teacher requests a schedule change after the original schedule is distributed, that teacher is responsible for notifying the transportation department of the change.
Are parents invited to come with visiting classrooms? 
  Parents are always welcome at the Porter Science Center.  Teachers are encouraged to invite parent volunteers to center visits.  The optimum ratio is one parent for every five students.
Are the 5th grade visits to Lake FarmPark associated with the Porter Science Center?
  Before the students visit the Lake FarmPark site, their classroom is visited by instructors from the Porter Science Center to conduct a one hour previsit. Curriculum is developed in conjunction with both organizations.
Is any of the equipment used at the Porter Science Center available to be "loaned out" by area teachers?
  As long as the equipment is not being used in the current center lesson, equipment may be signed out by teachers for use in their classrooms.
Can non-public schools/groups participate?
  Yes!  A small fee will be charged for each visit or event.  Please call today to schedule one of our fun-filled, hands-on sessions that is aligned to meet state and local standards.